who am i?

hi i'm cat/mptcultist. i'm an 18 year old undergrad student in comp math. i'm writing this little site for fun, for spacemy's new minisites feature. the css is in the style of my work in progress webnovel named coldmittens. i mostly took it because it's relatively pretty looking, and part of the gimmick of that novel is that each character is a different facet of 00s web culture, but each tell a story i wrote. idk. it's like an old fable.

things i like i guess:

  • writing music
  • listening to music
  • programming
  • idk
  • shrug

    i find it kinda hard to meaningfully describe myself. i sometimes write some music, most of it is unfinished. i don't think i'll put any of it here. i also listen to a lot of it and sometimes review it, but i'm not sure that last part is super meaningful. shoegaze, drone metal, post-rock - i'm not sure if i care about genre anymore, though that isn't to say i don't have preferences. i just haven't found a really decent way to express them. you can check my rym or out if you want the dirty details.

    i used to be sorta prolific with regard to my programming works, but burned out some time in 2018. you can find all that stuff on my github. my last serious work was a cpu raytracer that was accelerated using the divide and conquer method. i also contribute to OpenXP, but we don't talk about that.

    what else? i occasionally draw some weird pixel-art esque shit, but a lot of it is a little too child-like and weird-cute-bad for me to really post here. here's some dumb doodles i did while writing my notes in technical report writing today:

    i also do amateur radio. i'm not on hf much, but i do try. i'm also interested in SHF satellite stuff, but don't have the gear for that at the moment. someday. my trusty bladerf(currently in need of repairs) and my less trusty ic706(shrug) serve me okay.

    i've ran out of things to type about. goodbye!

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