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these are some links recommended by me and my wife:

  • - Adobe Flash experiments from AndrĂ© Michelle, some of which became part of (or inspired features of) Not all experiments work in Ruffle, but can be ran on older machines with working Flash Player installed.
  • - Browser-based DAW with a collection of emulated music gear. Includes a wonderfully faithful Roland TR-808 emulation, and the ability to collaborate in real time with other users.
  • - Personal website of the late Sheldon Brown. All of the information one would ever need to build, restore, maintain, and enjoy bicycles. Also contains links to: web 1.0 design resources, other interesting web pages, and Sheldon's personal blog.
  • - Free e-books about building electric guitars from scratch, written by master luthier Ron Kirn
  • - Auto repair guides, photography, blog entries, life advice, and more...
  •*/ - Archive of browser-based sample player from Ron Winter's website (which is as of now unaccessible).

  • user links

    alexa recommends:

  • - learn the truth
  • - yo check this shit out
  • ~alexa - buy my wizard groceries & send me money

  • anana recommends:

  • - all the science yay

  • catherine recommends:

  • - lol it's recursive haha

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    total number of links: 11, isn't that fucking crazy
    this script made in organic free range perl 5 because i have autism
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