devblogs are here!

you didn't ask for it(but it's here)

good news everyone, devblogging is here!!! i've written a criminally bad markup and parser in perl. i now have a way to torture all of you people about all the new functionality i've been working on! i don't know all of you very well and i don't have the time or energy to message all of you about this stuff, so i'll list some of the new stuff people don't know about that i've setup in the last few months.

the links page

i have added a new page called links in which people can link to their favorite websites with short descriptions. you can add on to this list by creating json files in the links folder in your home directory. they have the format of

"name": "name of thing",
"link": "insert url here"

and they will show up under the user curated section on the links page.


play is a silly little gimmick page that plays some chill tunes and lets you hang with your friends on irc, or maybe just chill with strangers. it's my current html experiment disaster area and might change over time to fit whatever ideas i have of a place on the web where you can just chill


technically this one is old, but it was broken up until two days ago. a bug in the wakaba sources meant that you would get the wrong captcha if you tried to reply to any post with an image and on an oekaki board that kind of meant the entire site was useless. that's been patched along with another issue where the tmp file names were just the ip of the user. it's now hashed with a salt so that other users can't see your ip. if you had decided not to touch this part of the site because of this, i'd encourage you to check it out.

that's not it but i can't think of other stuff

there's definitely more stuff to check out if you look around, but i can't think of all of it by name. either way, if you're reading this i'm glad to see someone entertained by this site. happy hacking!

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